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Some facts about fasting, part 2

Destroying the propaganda


In the first part, we literally destroyed the myths that fasting slows your metabolism and put you in ‘starvation mode’, and that it makes you burn muscle mass when it’s actually extremely muscle sparing.
In this part we’ll look at the misbeliefs that fasting causes low blood sugar and that it will deprive the body of nutrients – when in fact your body fat is […]

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Some facts about fasting, part 1

Destroying the propaganda


This is the first part of an article series about fasting that I will work on whenever I have time and energy during my recovery and healing from my nano/Morgellons disease. My goal, and hope, with these articles is to inspire, encourage, and help people to try out fasting for improved health, and/or fat loss, and to heal themselves to the best of their abilities.


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